"From dealing with my own debilitating back pain, to becoming Tampa's #1 Acupuncture Clinic and Holistic Health Clinic"

Imagine if you didn’t wake up every morning stiff and achy.

Imagine that you had all the energy you needed to go to work or play with your grandkids.

Imagine if you had a doctor who didn’t just hand you a prescription or tell you surgery is your only option.

After 8 years of school and and obsessively learning everything I possibly could about acupuncture, pain science, functional medicine and herbal medicine, I can say I practice medicine in a different way than you’ve ever experienced. Unlike your regular doctor, my goal is to figure out what is causing your problem instead of just putting a band-aide on it.

I started my journey into healthcare with an injury and complete frustration with the lack of options I had.

When I was 24, I hurt my back in the gym and it was debilitating. I spent an entire year almost crippled with pain, I was at a constant 10/10. It affect my life in every way possible. I couldn’t do anything I wanted to do. So after countless doctors visits to orthopedic doctors, surgeons, months of physical therapy, and countless injections I was still left with 10/10 miserable pain. My doctors said my only option was surgery.

After googling back surgery and finding out that more than 50% of back surgery doesn’t help and people can end up worse, I was desperate to try anything possible. Luckily I met an acupuncturist and was desperate enough to give it a shot. To my surprise, acupuncture took me from a 10/10 pain to a manageable 5/10 in just a couple of weeks. After a couple months of regular treatment I had almost no pain!

It was almost miracle.

So I decided the only way to change our broken healthcare system was to get in the trenches and do it myself, one patient at a time. I’ve dedicated my life to studying acupuncture to help your physical pain and nutrition and functional medicine to really get to the underlying cause of disease.

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Pacific College - DACM
Florida College of Integrative Medicine - MS
Florida College of Integrative Medicine - BS - Health Science
University of Tampa - BA - Sociology
Jesuit High School