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I understand how important it is to choose an acupuncture Doctor that is right for you. Just like anything else in life, there's a variety of different types of Acupuncturists with different specializations. I've made it my life mission to become the best at treating pain (which is why I'm the trusted acupuncturists for all the professional sports teams in Tampa).

Part of the success I see in my clinic is because I've been in your shoes and know what it's like to have chronic, debilitating pain. I learned about Acupuncture because of my own back pain and it inspired me to help others like I was helped.

I promise I will tell you like it is, and if I can't help you - I will refer you to someone who can.

The longer version...

I know pain. 

​​I know what it feels like to hurt, all day, everyday. 
​​I remember what I felt to hurt starting the second you woke up. 
​​I remember what it felt like to dream of just 5 minutes of relief. 
I remember how desperate I was for a solution, any solution. ​​

​​​When I was 24, I hurt my back in the gym and it was debilitating. 

​​I spent an entire year almost crippled with pain, I was at a constant 10/10.

​​It affected my life in every way possible. 
​I couldn’t do anything I wanted to do.

After endless doctors visits to doctors, surgeons, months of physical therapy, and countless steroid injections I was still left with 10/10 miserable, debilitating, life changing pain.

My doctors said my only option was surgery. 
​If you've ever heard those words then you know it can be scary! I just couldn't imagine getting cut to pieces. I knew the recovery would be tough
I knew there was no guarantee and I had talked to a lot of people who had surgery but still had their pain. I was honestly scared.​​​

After googling back surgery and finding out that more than 50% of back surgery doesn’t help and people can end up worse.

So I went on a journey to find something different. Something that didn't involve any more pain killers. Something that didn't involve cutting 4 layers of muscle and peeling them back, then cutting a piece of my body out of me.

During my research I found that Acupuncture was actually shown to be SUPER effective for back pain. In just about every country in Europe, Acupuncture is the first option someone is given when they hurt their back.

So I found an acupuncturist and and to my surprise, acupuncture took me from a 10/10 pain to a manageable 5/10 in a few weeks. It literally took half of my pain away when NOTHING else was able to help. So I kept going. And I kept getting better.

​​​After a couple months of regular treatment I had almost no pain!

It was a miracle. But when I saw other people experiencing the same results...I knew it wasn't so crazy and it actually seemed normal.

So I decided the only way to change our broken healthcare system was to get in the trenches and do it myself, one patient at a time.

I’ve dedicated my life to studying and becoming the best practitioner of Orthopedic Acupuncture Medicine in Tampa, FL (really the world!) so I can change YOUR life, just like mine was changed.


Pacific College - DACM - Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine
Florida College of Integrative Medicine - MS
Florida College of Integrative Medicine - BS - Health Science
University of Tampa - BA - Sociology
Jesuit High School


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