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Anxiety, Focus, Sleep, Mood, Performance.

Your brain has an optimal speed.

If you’re sleeping, your brain activity should be slow. If you’re being chased by a lion, you want it to be fast. Sometimes it’s too fast or too slow, regardless of the situation. When your brain is running at the wrong speed, it causes problems that are simply out of your control.
The good news is brain training can help to optimize the speeds of your brain. And give you back control.

Drug-free Neurofeedback

Our Rise Brain Training programs  use neurofeedback, a reward system for your brain.
Your brain learns to function more efficiently over time with repetition, practice, and positive reinforcement.
Based on your goals, we customize a protocol to optimize  the speed your brain is running. Then neurofeedback sessions train your brain to operate at its optimal speed

All of this is done in the convience of your own house, with hardware you own, on a simple app on your phone or ipad. 

How It Works

Anxiety, Focus, Sleep, Mood, Performance.

Step 1

We start with an assessment to understand what you’d like to work on and determine if our Rise Home Neurofeedback program is right for you.


Step 2

Your equipment is sent directly to your house.  You own it, forever.

Your brain training protocols will be customized to your specific goals & needs.

Step 3

Start your in home brain training program & begin to experience the results! 

You will have access to regular check-in’s with your coach to help you progress as quickly as possible.

You can't argue with results

We’ve made it simple so you can train your brain at your own home. This means you get results faster, because you can train more often. Who doesn’t want to feel and perform better, faster?

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