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I originally went because I had shoulder pain for a few years. After a few sessions the pain was gone. After a few more weeks, I had no pain complaints anywhere. I've never felt better. I go once a week because I love feeling this good!!!

- Debbie O.

Dr. Josh did an amazing job! The office has great energy, and the atmosphere is soothing and relaxing. He explained everything, taking his time to be sure I was comfortable and understood what was to take place. My wrist and knee feel amazing after only one treatment, but I'll definitely be back!

- Leah C.

Yesterday was my first time ever having a regenerative treatment. I have been having pain and tingling in my left arm, the pain was so bad that my sleep was interrupted. After the the first visit the pain slowly dissipated along with the tingling. I slept so good last night. I am going to do it again. My husband who saw the change is thinking about having it done too.

- Dawn B.

Today was my first time trying this! I am extremely in awe of how amazing I feel! It's incredible how satisfied I am with everything throughout my day and how at ease I am. Ready for my next appointment and ready to let this heal my life extraordinary ways! All the pain and symptoms I have been feeling, I can all ready see being healed in a healthier, natural way! Everyone should do this! Thank you Dr.Josh!

- Jazmin L.

Dr. Josh is amazing, easy to talk to and thorough. I left feeling amazing!

- Jessicah E.

Amazing experience today!! Dr. Josh gave me incredible hope in my journey to getting healthy again. I look forward to my second appointment next week!

- Joy P.

Dr. J is magic with those needles! He truly cares about his patients and takes time to hear what they are saying. I had suffered from neuropathy in my feet for years.... 6 months with Dr. J and my feet have never been better. He is simply amazing!!

- Terri

I haven't been able to walk more then a hour without excruciating pain in my foot from an injury from Oct. 2013. Because of protecting my left foot for so long then my right foot had major issues too. I truly believed I would be forever living in pain. Dr. Josh is amazing!!! He has so far gotten me to walk up to 4 days with very little pain. Every treatment there is major improvement. My feet are now sensitive to heat again and they are no longer swollen and finally back to their normal size!!! It's the first time since the injury that I feel I'll be 100% normal again. I'm excited to travel, go biking, running, and walking around amusement parks again. Thank you Dr. Josh!!!!!

- Melodie S.

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