Having enough Vitamin D3 has been shown to prevent the Flu!

Having enough Vitamin D3 has been shown to prevent the Flu!

There was a really interesting study just published in the journal Clinical Nutrition that looked at about ~500 people in japan. What they did was measure their Vitamin D levels before flu season and what they found is that people who are deficient (<30ng/mL) had a much higher risk of getting the flu.

This means if you have good Vitamin D levels (I like then around~50ng/ml) you have a much better chance at NOT getting the flu!

About 70% of the population is deficient in Vitamin D, which is a super important vitamin that acts more like a hormone in our body. It’s responsible for thousands of different actions inside of us and there are only 2 ways to you get your levels high enough to prevent deficiency:
1. Expose your whole body to sunlight for 15-30 minutes daily.
2. Supplement with a high quality Vitamin D3 supplement. The dosage will depend on where your levels are currently at.

The supplements you buy at CVS, Walmart, etc have been shown to be underdose or contain nothing at all. So you need to get pharmaceutical grade supplements from someone like me who can make sure they have been tested to contain what they say they contain.

I’ve literally never seen someone with adequate blood levels of vitamin d that didn’t supplement.

So if you want to get your immune system functioning as best as it possibly can, then get your vitamin d levels where they need to be. You can ask your regular doctor to check your 25-hydroxyvitamin levels so you can see where you’re at. It’s a ~$25 dollar test… so just do it and a high quality Vitamin D3 supplement is cheap to take everyday.