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What is Trauma?

“Trauma” is a commonly used word that people often use to convey their emotional experience after a stressful event. Traditionally in mental health, this only referred to shocking and terrible events like war, car accidents, assaults of all sorts and other “larger” events. But as the research in trauma related events has expanded over the years and so has our definition of trauma and therapy for trauma.

The Real Definition of Traumatic Experience & Traumatic Memories

“It is the subjective experience of the objective events that constitutes the trauma…The more you believe you are endangered, the more traumatized you will be…Psychologically, the bottom line of trauma is overwhelming emotion and a feeling of utter helplessness. There may or may not be bodily injury, but psychological trauma is coupled with physiological upheaval that plays a leading role in the long-range effects” .

While traumatic events are incredibly stressful and shocking, they become “trauma” when a person’s ability to cope is compromised. Trauma doesn’t have to be in the form of PSTD — you don’t need to have witnessed a car wreck or almost drowned to have experienced some level of trauma.

Trauma is something that has happened to a lot of us — perhaps we’re not even aware that it is trauma.

Maybe your parents fought a lot or got divorced when you were young and you felt like you were stuck in the middle of two people whom were supposed to care for you. That’s trauma.

Maybe you were in an abusive relationship that lasted way too long… that’s trauma from prolonged exposure.

Or maybe the relationship was with a friend or parent who was verbally abusive… that’s also trauma.

Reactions to trauma vary greatly It might not affect you everyday and only around certain times of the year or during specific events. Or maybe it is everyday. These are all types of trauma.

Common problems and symptoms of Trauma and what it can cause

Depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, and problems with irritability or anger are all common problems. People pleasing, anger or rage, and or dissociation are some other common issues.

Common things we tell ourselves if we’ve experienced trauma

  • I’m not worthy.
  • I don’t do anything right.
  • Everyone I love with leave me.

Trauma Focused Treatment in Tampa

Healing from trauma takes time and oftentimes it takes help. Prioritizing your mental health and working with a trauma informed therapist in Tampa can help teach you take control of your feelings and emotions and create space to change how you react. Our trauma informed therapists at Hanson Complete Wellness use a number of different techniques and tools when treating trauma during therapy sessions. Some of those tools include, cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness based therapy, coaching, psychotherapy, polyvagal theory, movement desensitization and reprocessing and and other effective treatments proven to help traumatic experiences. Therapy may be an effective treatment to help traumatic event and improve your mental health and emotional experience.

Trauma Informed Therapy looks different than what you might expect.

  • Healing from trauma means learning how to be conscious.
  • Healing from trauma means learning how to sit with your own thoughts.
  • Healing from trauma means learning how to pause before reacting.
  • Healing from trauma means learning how to trust your own word.
  • Healing from trauma means learning how to regulate your nervous system.
  • Healing from trauma means learning how to set and hold boundaries.

It’s unlearning and relearning new ways of existing. It’s a lifelong process of discovery that leads to true, deep transformation. It requires your daily participation. Working with a counselor in Tampa can help to accelerate this process and provide you with the tools and resources necessary so you don’t have to figure everything out on your own.

The Next Step in Treatment for Trauma

Working with a trauma focused therapist in Tampa can help to take control of your mind, body and emotional response to trauma and help with your processing of the events that may currently be affecting you. Click the button below to schedule a free phone call to see if our trauma focused therapists are a great fit for you!

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Words From Our Happy Clients

I’m so glad I made the decision to come in. I was dealing with severe anxiety and every time She was easy to talk to, comforting, motivating, and gave me great tips and coping mechanisms. Speaking to her when going through a difficult time is like a breath of fresh air. Seeing her regularly has played a huge role in the progress I’ve made thus far in dealing with my anxiety.

Hannah W.

This has been absolutely amazing. I went to her with a very specific issue and in about 2 months I saw radical improvement. She listens very well and is extremely patient. She was able to get to the core of my concerns and reccomend very specific actions for me to take to help me improve. She expressed a genuine concern for helping me grow to be a better person. More perceptive, more considerate, and more in control of my reactions. I'd highly recommend her to anyone reading this.

Stanton F.

She has helped me understand myself and the relationships with those around me on such a deep level. She is incredibly friendly, fun, real, and insightful. I went from being ruled by anxiety and doubt to fully embracing my worth and strength, and the growth continues to happen the more that I work with her. It may be a bit pricey with her depending on how much you want to pay, but she offers several different options to spread out the payments. She works with everyone, and does a high quality job. Well worth it if you ask me.

Jon H.

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