How Working with a Therapist Can Help Millennials Reduce Anxiety

Millennials are often the most stressed out generation. You’re not alone if you feel like your anxiety is overwhelming. Therapy can help! Therapy doesn’t just have to be for people with serious mental illnesses, it’s also a great way to reduce everyday stress and anxiety that we all experience. Therapy isn’t something that should be stigmatized because of what others think. Therapy provides an environment where the individual has control over how they want their life to go. Therapy can help us find peace in our lives by providing support and guidance through difficult times.

This article will provide information on how working with a Therapist in Tampa can help millennials who are struggling with anxiety learn to take control of their mental health. By investing in yourself and learning about themselves and you they make changes in their life so they can live a life free from anxiety.

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is a feeling of worry, nervousness or unease about something that has not happened yet but might. Anxiety disorders are mental illnesses characterized by feelings of constant fear and impending doom with no apparent cause.

How does anxiety affect millennials?

The fast-spaced lives that make up the average millennial lifestyle are often overwhelming and can be a major contributor to feelings of panic, stress, and worry for this generation. The demands on one’s time have also risen dramatically in recent years thanks to technology which means there is less time for physical activity and relaxation.

Millennials often live in an environment where the demands of both work and personal life are high, which is a contributor to their anxiety. Therapy provides support so millennials can find peace within themselves by making changes in their lives that will help them reduce this stress or unease about something they have not experienced yet

How to get started with a therapist

Trying to find a therapist is a lot like dating. You have to find a therapist near you who you can easily connect with, feel comfortable with and ultimately trust. Our licensed expert anxiety therapists in Tampa, FL are millennials themselves who specialize in working with other millennials. There is value in working with someone who can truely understand how you feel. After you find a therapist, your Therapy should be tailored to the individual, and it’s important to find someone who has experience working with your specific needs.

Let’s dive in to how to find a therapist.

First go to google and type “therapist near me”. You’ll see a lot of mental health professionals here. You want to find a licensed therapist or counselor.

Trying to find a therapist can take some time.

You’re going to have to filter out a lot of online therapists – mainly BetterHelp and TalkSpace.

The therapists here are usually of lower quality and less experienced than working with a local in-person therapist.

The cost of Online Therapy with BetterHelp Vs Working with an experienced In-Person Therapist

The cost of using one of the online sites vs working with an in person therapists a Hanson Complete Wellness is going to be about the same. In the end it makes sense to work with a more experienced, like our counselors at Hanson Complete Wellness in Tampa, FL.

Working through anxiety in therapy sessions

In Therapy sessions, you will be able to work through the thoughts and feelings and emotional challenges that come up for you. Therapy is a place where your therapist can help you realize your goals and provide tools so they are achievable. Therapy also provides an environment of safety which allows millennials who may not have had this in their lives before to feel safe enough to open up  and share their stories. Therapy is not like school, it does not have a grade or pass/fail grades. Therapy is an opportunity to explore your world and find peace within yourself.

Therapy provides millennials with the tools they need to live life without feeling anxiety which can help them be more productive in both work and play environments.

Some specific techniques that might be used are cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, motivational interviewing and even life coaching. Our therapists in Tampa, FL have expert level training in all of the above tools and specialize in specifically working with millennials with anxiety.

Ways to reduce anxiety outside of therapy sessions 

Your therapists will help provide useful treatment tools that are specific to your unique situation. Instead of spending forever searching for a good fit, here are some general tools you might find helpful are apps like Headspace or Calm.

Other proven and useful tools you can start using today are:

  • Exercise
  • Box breathing
  • Petting a dog / cat
  • Time in nature
  • Acupuncture

The goal is to re-program how your brain responds to stimulus and create a little moment of space. This space is where you have the ability to understand why you are reacting the way you do, and change the thought or action. Over time this gives you total control over your anxiety.

When you coming tools outside of therapy with the tools, techniques, frameworks and introspection you will develop working with a trained and licensed expert therapist, then you can finally take control of your anxiety.

The benefits of working with a therapist for millennials experiencing high levels of stress or anxiety

• Increase self-awareness, personal growth, and deep connections

• Learning to deal with negative thoughts and feelings

• Developing coping skills

• Overcoming the fear of vulnerability

It can be difficult for millennials to find the time or motivation to make changes in their lives. Therapy provides a safe place where they can explore and share what’s really going on inside them, as well as learn skills that will help them overcome anxiety-related challenges. If you’re experiencing high levels of stress or anxiety, consider therapy so you too can live life without feeling anxious about anything!